Inaccurate advice

Since becoming Mamma I have joined a number of social media groups for advice in various areas. From breastfeeding, to baby led weaning, to natural and attachment parenting. I have sought out these particular groups because these things we have chosen as parents.

Something I have noticed coming up on all these pages in misinformation from medical staff and accurate knowledge by parents! When we have major health organizations who have recommendations and they all agree with each other, why do we have child health nurses, Doctors and midwives giving out different advice? Damaging, dangerous advice?

I see mothers coming onto social media for advice after having a medical check up of her child and made to feel like the worst mother on the world and see other mothers giving evidence based answers. Being told to do or not do things we know to be damaging, harmful or even fatal.

I myself have been told to do things differently to the current recommendations. When I called the senior nurse to complain. However, she didn’t know current recommendations either!

So many parents, including us, have made the decision to not take our child to the child health nurses funded by the government because we’re more up to date than they are. This is their job! Why do I know more about it? I just don’t understand.

These are some actual examples

“baby is nursing too much, give formula as you have low supply”. This is the beginning of the end of a breastfeeding journey. There are so many reasons a baby could be nursing often. Unless mum has seen a IBCLC, who has checked latch, ties and nappies, this may well be wrong.

“after 6months, breastfeeding is not necessary” the ABA and WHO recommend a minimum of 2yrs

“give water to an 8 week old at night to help them sleep” water is not recommended until after 6mo and then only 60ml over 24hrs

“baby is 8mo, no need for night time feeds, let it cry of you have to, but don’t feed at night anymore as you’re spoiling it”. Last time I checked, most adults have a drink next to their beds, why are babies not allowed one? Further to that, if your baby is breastfeed, the ABA recommendations are to continue night nursing to help maintain supply.

“Give solids at 4 months because you have a big baby”. WHO, ABA and all major health organizations in Australia recommend solids after 6months, or as close to as possible due to virgin gut.

“give solids before milk from 8mo”. While true in a formula fed baby, the ABA recommends milk before solids until 1year.

So many of these recommendations are out-dated, or just wrong. I believe there should be a requirement that if a medical person is giving out advice, it should be accurate. We should not have to go to social media to get accurate advice, its crazy!